Pine Island Garden Club

Bokeelia - Pineland - St. James City - Matlacha

Committees  2018 - 2019    

2018-2019 PIGC Tea Committees       
Co-chairs: Sandy Costanzo & Dolores Sansone   
* designates Monthly Chairperson

September     *Pam Anderson & *Barb Riodran      

Pat Heitz, Tim Heitz, Linda Kutney, Diane Maher, Marilyn Moore, Alice Trant, Claudia Tytula, Liz Duchaine

October    *Carol Nobel & *Nancy Rued  

Chris Daneker, Wilma Desmarais, Valerie Fors, Kathleen Heckser, Gayle Payne, Theresa Pote,  Chuck Schad

November     *Marica Gobble & *Joyce Lake
Holly Aldrich, Barb Kuntz, Klaus Kment, Sher Lucas, Carol Mullin, Mary Reich, Gabriele Solterra, Jill Weaver, Molly Whitney

December - HOLIDAY PARTY - Refer to the Committee Page

January 2019      *Michael Adams & *John Kendall
 Judy Dempster, Jackie Feitshans, James Friedlander, Diane Hopson, Marty Kendall, Amy Lynch,  Karen Okeson, Marjorie Runyan, Mary Stevens, Jean Walsh, Kathy Weinberger,

February       *Cheryl Brant & *Jan Robertson
Nancy Carlson, Donna Cook, Geordie Echelard, Patti Gulliver, Fred Moon, Leslie Pollack, Joan Rosenberg, Donna & Gary Schneider, Nancy Wood

March        *Jean Dzielak & *Shirley Glenn
 Amy Barton, Margaret Bergston, Kathy Bunce, Bonnie Eskra, Joanne Jarocki, Carol Jo Nelson, Susan Patchett, Ginny Penzi, Chris Wickham

April            *Paul Freas & *Julie Smith
Katie Bartholomew, Susan Dahod, Cheryl King, Judy Knowlton, Phyllis Schivinski, Beth Smith, Herb Smith, Jill Weaver, Darlene Wirdirstky

May          *Gayle Allergro & *Sharon Tondreau
Ron Brendel, Bonnie Kellen, Nancy Kraft, Tracie Lewis, Mary Lowry, Susan Schroeder


Pine Island Garden Club Committees    2018-2019
* designates Chairperson


Assignmentto Working Committee:  *Susan Schroeder

Valerie Fors, Bonnie Kellen, Barb Riordan, Alice Trant,Darlene Widirstky


Audit:  John Kendall, Carol Mullin


Field Trips:  *Kathleen Hescker

Michael Adams, Martie Carss, Susan Dahod, Chris Daneker, Judy Knowlton


 Gala:   Beth Smith & John Kendall

Bake Sale/Coffee:  Marti Carss, Nancy Reudi, Kay Wickham

Demonstrations:  Marty Kendall

Plant Table: Kathy Weinberger

Publicity: John Kendall

Raffle – Table *Jackie Feitshans, Bonnie Kellen

Raffle - Tickets: Pattie Gulliver

Set Up/Take Down: Marty and John Kendall

Traffic/Parking: Cheryl King, Mark Adams, Barb Riordan

Water/Soda: Jan Robertston

Ways & Means: Liz Duchaine, Carol Nelson

Ask the Expert: Ron Brendel

Children’s Table: Susan Dahod

Banners/Signs: Liz Duchanie

Security: Barb Riordan


Garden Park:  *Valerie Fors & *Sharon Tondreau

Physically maintain the park grounds.
Michael Adams, Holly Aldrich, Margaret Bergsten, Nancy Carlson,

Jackie Feitshans, James Friendlander, Paul Freas, Marcia Gobble, Amy Lynch, Diane Hopson, Carol Noble, Joanne Jarocki, Margery Runyan, Cheryl King, Leslie Pollack, Jan Robertson, Joan Rosenberg, Chuck Schad, Beth Smith, Herb Smith, Julie Smith, Mary Stevens, Alice Trant, Kathy Weinberger, Molly Whitney,


Greeters:    *Darlene Widirstky

Greet members and guests, provide name tags for guests.
Cheryl Brant, Kathryn Bunce, Wilma Desmarais,  Joanne Jarocki, Ginny Penzi, Susan Schroeder, Phyllis Schvinsky, Molly Whitney


Holiday Party:  *Bonnie Kellen
Bonnie Eskra, Shirley Glen, Susan Schroeder


Horticulture:  *Ron Brendel
Michael Adams, Bonnie Kellen, Marty Kendall, Klaus Kment,
Joyce Lake, Susan Patchett, Margery Runyan, Chuck Schad,

Donna Schneider, Darlene Widirstky


Membership:  *Alice Trant

Maintain member roster, collect dues, and order name tags.
Jackie Feitshans, Joyce Lake, Theresa Pote, Mary Reich,  Beth Smith, Mary Stevens


Museum Grounds:   *Marti Carss

Maintain the Museum grounds.
 Gayle Allegro, Katie Bartholomew, Amy Barton, Nancy Carlson, Susan Dahod, Pat Heitz, Tim Heitz, Klaus Kment, Tracie Lewis, Sher Lucas, Karen Okerson, Susan Patchett, Leslie Pollack, Jan Robertson, Chuck Schad, Herb Smith, Mary Stevens, Molly Whitney, Kay Wickham, Kathy Weinberger


Photography:    Sher Lucas

Record events for historian, take member photos.

Katie Bartholomew, Margaret Bergsten, James Friedlander, Linda Kutney, Gabrielle Solterra, Molly Whitney


Plant Therapy:  *Judy Dempster and Marilyn Moore

Bring plants to and visit with shut-ins and area residents in nursing homes.
         September:  Barb Riordan, Susan Schroeder, Gabrielle Solterra

         October:  Susan Patchett, Alice Trant

         November:  Marilyn Moore, Joan Rosenberg

         December: Kathleen Hecksher, Nancy Kraft

         January: Jean Walsh, Kay Wickham

         February: Judy Dempster, Ginny Penzi

         March: Shirley Glenn, Nancy Wood

         April: Cheryl King, Linda Kutney

         May: Gayle Payne, Phyllis Schvinsky


Publicity:  John Kendall

Publicize events and activities of the club

Katie Bartholomew, Judy Dempster, Herb Smith

Refreshments- Sandy Costanzo & Dolores Sansone


Sound /AV System:  John Kendall, Linda Kutney


Ways & Means:  *Carol Nelson
 Organize fund raisers including monthly plant raffle.

Gayle Allegro, Holly Aldrich, Pam Anderson, Bonnie Eskra,
Diane Maher, Carol Noble, Jan Robertson, Nancy Ruedi, Dolores Sansone, Claudia Tytula


Website/FaceBook:  Valerie Fors

 Create presence on the internet.

Yearbook:  *Joan Rosenberg

Publish annual book noting members and activities.

Gayle Allegro, Patti Gulliver, Marilyn Moore, Alice Trant

 Updated 9/13/2018