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Committee Assignments for 2017-2018
These are the proposed assignments for the coming year.  If you must have your assignment changed please contact Bonnie Kellen.

Posted 6/29/2017



Working Copy 6/27/17  - PIGC Working Committees for 17-18  

Assignment/Nominating Committee:  *Bonnie Kellen

Donna Cook, Joyce Coryell, Susan Dahod, Liz Duchaine, Valerie Fors, Susie Quattro, Barb Riordan, Alice Trant


Audit:  *Barb Riordan


Field Trips:      *Sherry Crowell

Katie Bartholomew, Joyce Coryell, Susan Dahod, Cathleen Ganos


Gala:    *Mary Reich & *John Kendall

Bake Sale/Coffee:  Marti Carss, Nancy Reudi, Kay Wickham

Demonstrations:  Donna Cook, Marty Kendall

Plant Table: Donna Fisher, Sher Lucas

Publicity: Katie Bartholomew, Marilyn Moore, Margie VanderKruik, Shirley Glenn

Raffle – Donations:  Jackie Feitshans

            Prizes/Gala Area: Bonnie Kellen, Beth Smith

            Tickets:  Paul Freas

            Silent Auction: Nancy Kennedy, Claudia Tytula

Set Up/Take Down: Marty and John Kendall

Traffic/Parking: TBA

Water/Soda: Sandy Costanzo, Joyce Van Deusen

Ways & Means: Liz Duchaine

Ask the Expert: Ron Brendel

Children’s Table: Susan Dahod, Barb Kuntz

Banners/Signs: Jill Weaver, Molly Whitney

Security: TBA


Garden Park:  *Valerie Fors & *Sharon Tondreau

Holly Aldrich, Margaret Bergsten, Donna Cook, Jackie Feitshans, Paul Freas, Tim Fisher, Cathleen Ganos, Marcia Gobble, Cheryl King, Rachel Kaplan, Tracie Lewis, Bonnie Love, Jan Robertson, Joan Rosenberg, Chuck Schad, Beth Smith, Herb Smith, Julie Smith, Mary Stevens, Alice Trant, Joyce VanDeusen, Kathy Weinberger, Molly Whitney, Tom Zigoris


Greeters:         *Cheryl Brant

Rosemarie D’Anci, Wilma Desmarais, Nancy Ruedi, Don Sterling, Peg Sullivan, Sally Tondreau, Jean Walsh, Darlene Widirstky


Holiday Party:             *Joyce Coryell

Joan Clay, Bonnie Eskra, Kathie Reiter




Horticulture:  *Ron Brendel

Donna Fisher, Kathleen Hecksher, Bonnie Kellen, Marty Kendall, Joyce Lake, Donna Schneider, Pat Rooney, Darlene Widirstky



Membership:  *Alice Trant

Rose Black, Jackie Feitshans, Joyce Lake, Edie Murphy, Beth Smith


Museum Grounds:     *Marti Carss

Amy Barton, Nancy Carlson, Susan Dahod, Pat Heitz, Tim Heitz, Klaus Kment, Tracie Lewis, Sher Lucas, Karen Okeson, Susan Patchett, Leslie Pollack, Mary Stevens, Molly Whitney, Kay Wickham


Photography:             *Pat Rooney

Margaret Bergsten, Sher Lucas


Plant Therapy:           *Lenda Potts, *Nancy Temple, & Phyllis Schivinski

            September:  Joyce Coryell, Barb Riordan

            October:  Nancy Temple, Alice Trant

            November:  Marilyn Moore, Rosemarie D’Anci

            December: Kathleen Hecksher, Nancy Kraft

            January: Jean Dzielak, Ginny Penzi

            February: Carol Crane, Phyllis Schivinski

            March: Lynn Zigoris, Tom Zigoris,

            April: Nancy Kennedy, Linda Kutney, Lenda Potts,

            May: Rachel Kaplan, Gayle Payne


Publicity - Club PR:  Carol Crane, Jill Weaver


Sound System:  John Kendall, Bill Murphy


Tea Committee/Refreshments:        *Sandy Costanzo & *Joyce Van Deusen


Ways & Means:  *Liz Duchaine

Gayle Allegro, Pam Anderson, Joan Clay, Bonnie Eskra, Jackie Feitshans, Nancy Kennedy, Barb Kuntz, Diane Maher, Carol Jo Nelson, Carol Noble, Susie Quattro, Lillian Reed, Kathie Reiter, Sandy Rotz, Nancy Ruedi, Dolores Sansone, Earl Scott, Edith Shulte, Peggy Shulte, Claudia Tytula


Website:  Valerie Fors, Phil Rosenberg


Yearbook:  Joan Rosenberg, Phil Rosenberg, Bill Murphy


Tea Committee Proposed assignments Follow

Working Copy 6/27/17   

2017-2018 PIGC Tea Committees        *Co-chairs: Sandy Costanzo & Joyce VanDeusen

September      *Pam Anderson & *Kathie Reiter

Liz DuChaine, Valerie Fors, Nancy Kennedy, Linda Kutney, Bonnie Love, Barb Riordan, Edith Shulte, Peggy Shulte, Claudia Tytula

October                      *Carol Noble & *Lillian Reed

Marti Carss, Cathleen Ganos, Bonnie Kellen, Diane Maher, Nancy Ruedi, Sandy Rotz, Dolores Sansone, Nancy Temple, Alice Trant, Nancy Wood

November      *Donna Fisher & *Tim Fisher

Holly Aldrich, Sherry Crowell, Wilma Desmarais, Ellen Fenyohazi, Barb Kuntz, Joyce Lake, Sher Lucas, Mary Reich, Donna Schneider, Gary Schneider, Earl Scott, Jill Weaver, Molly Whitney

December       HOLIDAY PARTY List moved over to the Working Committee List Pages

January                       *Joan Clay & *Marcia Gobble

Graciela Engle, James Friedlander, Marty Kendall, John Kendall, Carol Mullin, Fred Moon, Ginny Semilis, Don Sterling, Mary Stevens, Jean Walsh, Kathy Weinberger, Darlene Widirstky, Lynn Zigoris, Tom Zigoris

February                     *Carol Jo Nelson & *Jan Robertson

Cheryl Brant, Ron Brendel, Nancy Carlson, Cathy Corcoran, Carol Crane, Rosemary D’Anci, Frank Dunham, Geordie Echelard, Karen Okeson, Gayle Payne, Leslie Pollack, Joan Rosenberg, Chuck Schad, Peg Sullivan

March                         *Margaret Bergsten & *Shirley Glenn

Amy Barton, Chris Daneker, Jean Dzielak, Bonnie Eskra, Jackie Feitshans, Kathleen Hecksher, Klaus Kment, Bill Murphy, Edie Murphy, Ginny Penzi, Lenda Potts, Kay Wickham

April                *Paul Freas & *Julie Smith

Katie Bartholomew, Donna Cook, Rachel Kaplan, Cheryl King, Marilyn Moore, Sue Patchett, Pat Rooney, Phyllis Schivinski, Beth Smith, Herb Smith

May                 *Susan Dahod & *Pat Heitz

Gayle Allegro, Marlou Bezems, Joyce Coryell, Tim Heitz, Ed Knowlton, Judy Knowlton, Nancy Kraft, Tracie Lewis, Mary Lowry, Sally Tondreau, Sharon Tondreau



Next Regular Meeting
 Thursday September 21, 2017
Program not yet determined

 Cheers to all of our Snowbird Members
Have a great summer season.

 Meetings are held at
Fishers of Men Evangelical Lutheran Church
10360 Stringfellow Road
St. James City
Social Time 9:00am
Meeting starts at 9:30


Garden Club History



These Photos are from our
2017 Garden Gala Courtesy of Pat Rooney.
Check out many more photos by clicking the Gala tab.


2018 Gala Vendors -
updated information available
click the Gala Vendors tab.

Click on Photo Gallery for
a few Photos from the
Buchanan Memorial




Minutes and Treasurer's reports
will now be E-Mailed to all members.



Our new signs for member's gardens
Note the hitchiker on top!


Coffee Mug

Dues are $20.00 per year for individuals and $35.00 for a couple.  First time guests are welcomed without charge; a second attendance at a charge of $5.00. Further attendance will require membership in the club and the second attendance fee will be credited towards the membership dues.


This is Earleaf Acacia - if you see it remove it.
It is an invasive.

Earleaf Acacia up close
Click here for the Earleaf Acacia Flyer.


Link to Florida Exotic Plant List - 2015

An interesting link with some printable
lists of invasive plants.

Lee County has published
Lee County Landscape & Fertilizer
Best Management Practiced (BMP) Ordinance.
It has been in effect since May of 2009
Click Here for the Ordinance

2016 - 2018 Officers
 President                           Marty Kendall
 First Vice President              Kathleen Hecksher
 Second Vice President          Mary Reich
 Ass’t 2nd VP                       John Kendall
 Recording Secretary             Carol Mullin
 Ass’t Recording Secretary     Bonnie Kellen
Corresponding Secretary       Nancy Kennedy
 Treasurer                           Laurey Ellingsworth
 Ass’t Treasurer                   Donna Cook
 Ways & Means                    Liz Duchaine
 Membership                        Alice Trant
 Parliamentarian                   Valerie Fors
 Historian                            Susan Hammer
 Publicity                             Carol Crane

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